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PM Family of Traction Controls
The PM Family of automotive class traction control motor drives evolved from RMS’ proprietary Formula 1 based packaging technology and approach.

These are the lightest, smallest sealed and automotive ready drives available anywhere.

The Family will quickly span 50kW – 500kWpk as applications continue to open up for the larger drives, and full automotive qualification will be available in 12 – 18 months
The PM100 is presently shipping in small quantities, DV-stage pre-production hardware. The drive is available at two different voltage ratings depending on the battery storage system used on your vehicle:
300Arms continuous, 350Arms peak, 160 - 360VDC
150Arms continuous, 200Arms peak, 300 - 720VDC
PM100 - 100kW Class
PM250 - 250kW Class
The PM250 provides a higher power driver that has been optimized for size and weight. Perfect for use in high power performance vehicles in heavy duty applications. With a weight of only 17kg and a power capacity over 300kW, the PM 250DZ has world class power density. Production beginning March 2015.
Under Development
450Arms continuous, 600Arms peak, 300 - 720VDC
PM150 - 150kW Class
The PM150 is identical to the PM100 except for an additional 50mm in length to accomidate the significantly larger internal DC Link capacitor assembly and larger power module.
450Arms continuous, 450Arms peak, 160 - 360VDC
250Arms continuous, 300Arms peak, 300 -720VDC
PM350 - 350kW Class
Under Development
Under Development
PM Family Data Sheet (Download PDF)
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